Acme Food & Beverage Co presents

Fancy Eats for a Fraction of the Price at Acme

Photo Credit: Acme Food & Bev

If you dine at Acme on a Tuesday, you're going to walk out with a funny feeling. You'll be delighted by all the upscale Southern eats you just gobbled down, but you'll also walk out feeling like you're stealing. On Tuesdays, Acme offers all of their entrees are a very affordable 12.95 (most are around $2o normally). The menu is filled with southern favorites like fried green tomatoes, barbecue and fried chicken--but cranked up a couple notches on the fancy scale (think reductions, confits and all things delicious).

The outdoor area is a peaceful oasis and is sure to relax even the most high-strung individual--especially if you add an alcoholic beverage to the mix--and their signature cocktails and selection of craft beer and wine is a winning one.

Acme Food & Beverage Co

110 E Main St

Carrboro, NC 27510

  • Tuesday, 29 May

    5:30 PM