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Tackle Tuesday Team Trivia Night at He's Not Here

Photo Credit: mc_grammerr

Are you one of those people whose everything gets better when they've had a few drinks? Do you also have a knack for knowing seemingly useless information? If you answered yes to one of these questions, then grab a few of your buddies, put your knowledge (or uncanny alcoholic talent) where your beer is and drink up!

Besides the drinks, the best part about Team Trivia Night at "the home of the blue cup" is that the proceeds benefit Timmy Global Health. So not only are you having good drinks in better company with some friendly competition, you're helping bring affordable healthcare to those who need it. It's crazy how much good a little fun can do!

He's Not Here

112 1/2 West Franklin Street

Chapel Hill, NC 27516

  • Tuesday, 22 May

    9:00 PM

  • Tuesday, 29 May

    9:00 PM