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Pompieri Pizza presents

Unlimited Pizza at Pompieri's Family Meal

Photo Credit: pompieripizza

"Pompieri Pizza would like to help bring families together for Sunday dinner. Each Sunday we offer an all you can eat family-style meal. We reserve the large tables just for people joining us for Sunday dinner. We ask you to purchase a wristband at the cashier station and then join us at the table. We offer family-style platters with salad, side dish(es) and roaming pizza along with non-alcohol drinks. Random pizzas will flow from the kitchen to the tables. See something you like, take a slice. If not, wait for the next pizza to come around. We ask that you purchase beer, wine and spirits separately, but everything else is included. We offer a scoop of gelato or sorbetto per person for dessert if you choose.

In order to foster the family time together we make a couple of small requests. Okay, they may be big requests for some folks. We ask that everyone put their phones or smart devices into the baskets on the tables and to not touch them during dinner. Crazy right? We ask that you take only what you can eat so we do not waste food. You can have all you want, but take only what you need. We ask that you share your table with other families to foster community. And, we ask that you help spread the word to help bring Sunday family dinner back in fashion. We know families come in all sizes and types, so everyone is welcome - adults, kids or no kids alike.

Our tables also feature conversation cards to spark family talking, create dialogue and foster interaction between adults and kids of all ages. Minimum of two people please." -Pompieri Pizza

Pompieri Pizza

102 City Hall Plaza

Durham, NC 27701

  • Sunday, 28 April

    4:30 PM

  • Sunday, 5 May

    4:30 PM

  • Sunday, 12 May

    4:30 PM

  • Sunday, 19 May

    4:30 PM

  • Sunday, 26 May

    4:30 PM