Blackwell Street presents

North Carolina Hiphop Festival

North Carolina Hiphop Festival In June of 2018, Durham will open its doors and welcome 7,500, really cool, Hiphop Headz to North Carolina's Luxury Hiphop Experience, North Carolina Hiphop Festival ®.

VIPs will be treated to 24 national recording artists and a plethora of up-and-coming and deserving local artists covering all levels of interest from the old school to the new school. They will enjoy over 100 exhibitors and have the ability to delve deeply into the culture that has found its way into mass popularity and demand. And with the high concentration of music artists, people will flock to the music production las, where a number of producers will be working in various producer setups to create The Sounds of the Evening. Providing a platform for easy access collaborations is one of our strong points.

The festival is the only large-scale event in the entire Southeastern continental US region that is specifically designated to Hiphop and is a premier destination event for Luxury Hiphop enthusiasts across the region. Nearby hotels and music venues will fill up with groups of friends traveling to Durham to attend the festival and take in all that Durham has to offer.

Twenty-four million people between the ages of 19-34 from a range of ethnic groups, nationalities, and religions listen to Hiphop. Their collective spending power is over $500 billion annually in the US alone.

Overall, NC Hiphop Festival seems to be very popular. So far, over 22,000 people have said they are interested in attending this well-received event on Facebook and 100 attendee demographic surveys have been completed by fans in a short time. Our virtual audience is patiently anticipating the dopeness, catching on slowly and looking for information.

Blackwell Street

Blackwell St

Durham, NC

  • Friday, 22 June

    9:00 AM