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North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences presents

Bugfest at NC Museum of Natural Sciences

"Each year over 35,000 visitors come to BugFest to experience over 100 exhibits, crafts, games and activities. We provide the opportunity for you to interact with entomologists and other scientists so you can continue learning about the fascinating world of bugs. We also feature Café Insecta, where the brave can sample buggy dishes prepared by local chefs. The best part is, it's all free!


Live Australian blue crayfish.

At BugFest 2018:

-Enjoy the entertaining displays, exhibits and activities — both inside and outside the Museum.

-Learn about arthropods, which make up three-quarters of all animals on Earth, during fascinating presentations.

-Taste delectable dishes featuring creepy crawlers as a major ingredient at Café Insecta.

-Join the moths, fireflies and katydids for an exhilarating evening of nocturnal activities at the Evening Insectival.

-Learn how to keep your own hive at a Beekeeping Workshop.

-Bring an unusual bug to the Stump the Experts table."


North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

11 West Jones St.

Raleigh, NC 27601

  • Saturday, 20 October

    9:00 AM