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North Regional Library presents

Uke Can Do It Ukulele Class

"With knowledge of just a few simple chords and strums a ukulele can bring a lifetime of musical enjoyment. This free beginners' class will get you started!

September 7:

Session 1, Part a: Getting ready: tuning and setting reasonable expectations.

Session 1, Part b: Let's play! 3 chords, 1 strum, a hundred songs. We'll work on learning 1- and 2- finger chords, practice switching from one to another, and play some simple songs. We'll also learn to read a chord diagram.

September 14:

Session 2: A few more chords, a few more strums, access to a few more hundred songs. Focus is on expanding our chord repertoire, changing chords quickly, and singing along as we play songs.

September 21:

Session 3. We'll finish up with the last few most-used chords and playing still more songs. Along the way we'll talk about feeling confident in joining local music gatherings, finding alternatives to challenging chords, and continuing your learning after the class is over.

This is a highly interactive experienced designed to have you playing simple songs right away!

Note: this class is for adults and motivated teens."

North Regional Library - Durham County Library

North Regional Library

7009 Harps Mill Rd

Raleigh, NC 27615

  • Friday, 21 September

    12:30 PM