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Sunny Acres Pet Resort presents

Beaglefest 2018

"Buy pre-sale tickets here: 

Want to volunteer at BEAGLEFEST? Click here:

If you would like to be a vendor please email our Beaglefest coordinator at

Entrance fee is now $10 for 12+, $5 for 12 and under

Pre Sale tickets are:

1- tickets= $25

1 Adult= $10 

a $35 dollar deal for $25 dollars

Sale ends at midnight on October 12th


Contests will be $5 each.

Softest Ears, Best Costume, Best Howl, Longest Ears. Contest ribbons will be sold at the volunteer table.

@inbetweentheblinks will be donating her time to take a picture of you and your pup for a donation.

Food will be pork BBQ sandwich or Smoked wings and chips and drink for $10 made and donated by Jimi Black all proceeds go to TBR. 

Furry Friend Events- Paw Printing $5 small canvas and $10 for the large, Dunking for hot dogs will be free event

Raffle tickets

1 for $3

2 for $5

Sold at the volunteer and entrance tables

Contests begin at 2:30 raffles will be announced right after--must be present to win raffle prizes!

Lucy's Friends Pet Sitting, LLC will be donating money and is a Beaglefest sponsor

Vendors:Sugar Grahams Art, Get champion, Dog Training Camp USA

Raffle prizes:

5 Paintings by Wine & Design- Value: $100 each

Metal sculpture clock purchased at Raleigh’s Artsplosure handcrafted by a professional artist (value $75). 

Custom wind chimes, Flying Ace Mailbox Topper

Donations from Timothy Glass: Dog Knows Best retails for $21.95, Dog Knows Best is a witty peek into the canine brain and how they look at us or moreover, how they train us. Some dogs have a master, this witty canine has a staff!

Sleepytown Beagles Doggone it Cartoon collection first 100 cartoons retails for $24.95, Sleepytown Beagles, Doggone It Cartoon Collection Book 1, Sleepytown Beagles In The Doghouse Cartoon collection Book 2 retails for $24.95, Sleepytown Beagles, In The Doghouse Cartoon Collection Book 2

Artwork is: That does it I'm going to Grandmas. $14.95 each, Watching over you from above. $ 14.95. That is the most sought after drawing I've done. It was drawn after we lost Tyler to cancer, it came from the heart and I guess the fans picked up on it. Magnet:No Beagle left behind, artwork by Tim Glass donated by Retail $6.99, This is Cathy company I only do the art she made that donation."

Beaglefest 2018

Sunny Acres Pet Resort

5908 US-70 BUS

Durham, NC 27705

  • Saturday, 20 October

    1:00 PM