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The Carrack Modern Art presents

Anti-Nostalgia Art Exhibition


A group show of manipulated found photographs

Desire has no history. – Susan Sontag

Anti-Nostalgia is a group exhibition of artists invited to create works utilizing found photographs. Artists explore: our relationship to the photograph as an object; memories and sentimentality; history and the familial; the vernacular and the archive; and alternative and interventionist narratives. A photograph provides both a historical and unattainable reality. Anti-Nostalgia investigates how our attraction to and/or repulsion by found photographs does not come from nostalgia, but comes from a desire to confirm, deny and transform a reality. Theorists argue that nostalgia can be a form of fascism - a longing for a glorified past that leads us down an authoritarian path. Anti-Nostalgia is a topical and critical approach to our current global situation, an attempt to draw attention to the way we read, feel, understand and use imagery in the name of ideology and personal whim.


Friday, October 5, 7-9:30pm: Opening Reception

October 7, Sunday, 2-4pm: Transforming the Photographic, Workshop / Panel with Michael Keaveney, a current MFA student at UNC, Chapel Hill who sands, cuts, rubs, tapes together and otherwise manipulates everything photographic. He will share some of his processes. FREE.

October 19, Friday, 6-9pm: Gallery open for Third Friday Durham

October 21, Sunday, 2-4pm: Panel discussion / gallery talk with curators Olivia Huntley and elin o'Hara slavick and local artists in the exhibition, including Ben Alper, Deepan Mukhopadhyay and Ann Pegalow Kaplan


Olivia Huntley / /

elin O'hara slavick / /

Artists included in the show:

Ben Alper, Andy Berner, Michael Barefield, Becky Brown, Allison Coleman, Diego Camposeco, Martha Carter, Joy Drury Cox, Meredith Emery, Jon Feinstein, Ashley Florence, Victor Foster, Adrian Garcia, Raymond Goodman, Beth Grabowski, Rachel Greene, Sharon Lee Hart, Brenda Miller Holmes, Peter Hoffman, Olivia Huntley, Michael Itkoff, Ellie Ivanova, Andrew Ellis Johnson, Ann Pegalow Kaplan, Siri Kaur, Michael Keaveney, Angela Kelly, Jasper Lee, Susan Alta Martin, Cathy McLaurin, Lindsay Metivier, Joy Meyer, Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay, Susan Mullally, Annika Nordenskiold, Ashley Oates, Lesley Patterson-Marx, Kelly Popoff, Samprati Prasad, Bill Santen, Leslie Sheryll, Annie Simpson, elin o'Hara slavick, Susanne Slavick, Leah Sobsey, Cindy Steiler, Liz Steketee, Bill Thelen, Hong-An Truong, Amy White, Laura Sharp Wilson

This exhibit is part of the CLICK Photography Festival."

The Carrack and Elin Slavick

The Carrack Modern Art

947 E Main St

Durham, NC 27701

  • Sunday, 21 October

    11:00 AM