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Imurj presents

Raleigh Zombie Walk 2018

"Prepare yourselves. There's a horde of the undead descending upon the streets of Raleigh...and they're HUNGRY FOR BRAAAAIINNNNNZZZ!!1!!!!!! Join us as we lumber, lurch, limp, and crawl through downtown during the 12th annual Zombie flash mob.

This year will include a family-friendly afternoon pre-party, and adults-only after party. These are FREE events open to all, but donations benefitting the Hispanic Federation will be collected at the door.


5-7PM Zombie PreParty at Imurj

- Lively undead musician, Sean O'er Dale

- Zombie face painters, games, slime & ew station

- Live demonstrations on the undead by local FX artist, The Dedman

- Voodoo High Priestess Tarot card readings

- Spooktastic vendors and artists

- Brain-eating contest

7PM Zombie Walk

- Assemble the zombie legion in Nash Square at 7pm (Saturday, Oct 27th)

- Flash mob kickoff by Dance Nation

- Family friendly

- Living, dead, and dead-ish welcome


- Burlesque by Sin Cognito

- Durham's own Rockabilly, Blood Red River

- Late nite dance party

- Zombie contests ( categories tba )

- Prizes

- Undead debauchery

Imurj is located at 300 McDowell St in downtown Raleigh, under Whiskey Kitchen and across from Nash Square (Martin St side)



Oak City Productions


Atomic Salon

Infinity Chiropractic

Rebus Works

Reader's Corner

Panther Lake, Willow Springs

Ambassador Entertainment, Inc.

House of Swank


*** Rules for Raleigh Zombie Walk ***

Yes, there are rules beyond "destroy the brain or remove the head." To ensure the Zombie Apocalypse can continue for years to come...

1) Keep out of traffic, obey all signals and listen to Johnny Law.

2) Keep your blood off sidewalks, buildings, and monuments.

3) Your instinct is to consume the flesh of the living, but only attack 'designated victims' with the walk.

4) Designated Victims: Identify yourself as fast food by placing clearly visible red duct tape or fabric on your back.

5) Children are just as susceptible to the zombie virus. This is a family-friendly event; act accordingly.

6) Don't say 'the zed word.'"

Imurj and Raleigh Zombie Walk


300 S McDowell St #suite a

Raleigh, NC 27601

  • Saturday, 27 October

    5:00 PM