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Durham Fruit Company presents

NC Dance Festival: Durham

"The NC Dance Festival brings professional modern dance choreographers from across the state together to share innovative and moving dance works. NCDF is celebrating its 28th season with shows in traditional and non-traditional venues across NC. Fierce, honest, reflective, and playful, the concert presents a wide variety of NC dance.

Megan Mazarick's solo dance story "monster," unpacks female identity in new ways, remixing the metaphor of "hero vs. villain" to showcase the body in transformation. Choreographer Duane Cyrus explores themes of rescue, self-sacrifice, and heroism in "Hero Complexities," inspired by Charles W. David Jr., a Caribbean American US Coast Guardsman during World War II. The hip-hop duo Reliable Brother goes after their dreams and faces their fears in "The Destiny". Emily Cargill, a choreographer new to NC, presents "quiet beings," which turns an honest eye on the process of saying goodbye to a former self and welcoming a new one."

NC Dance Festival

Durham Fruit Company

305 S Dillard St

Durham, NC 27701

  • Friday, 19 October

    8:00 PM

  • Saturday, 20 October

    8:00 PM