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Woofinwaggle presents

Yoga with Your Dog

"YOGA/DOGA IS BACK! We are pleased to welcome Sophia Lawrence to the Woof Pack team!! Sophia will be teaching exclusive yoga classes in our studio every other Tuesday evening! 🧘‍♀️🤸‍♀️Book your space online now:

Yes, you can do yoga with your dog right here in Raleigh! At Woofinwaggle, we are happy to host special yoga classes! We're committed to providing dog parents and their pets with a full selection of fitness classes and activities. Our goal is to help dogs and their parents of all ages and fitness levels achieve better health together in a welcoming and fun environment. It is also our goal to encourage and improve the human-dog bond creating a healthy and happy pup. If your a long-time yogi or new to yoga, you and your pup are guaranteed to love this special guest hosted class!

Join us for an hour of stretching, strengthening, and breathing with your dog! Only $20!"



8471 Garvey Dr #115

Raleigh, NC 27616

  • Tuesday, 19 February

    6:45 PM

  • Tuesday, 5 March

    6:45 PM

  • Tuesday, 19 March

    6:45 PM