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Raleigh Beer Garden presents

Trivia Kick-Off at Raleigh Beer Garden

"Trivia in the Tent starting Wednesday, February 20th at 8pm! 3 Rounds of challenging quirky questions about anything from Sports, Movies, and Music to Science, Business, and Word Puzzles, but the 3rd round is always Doubledown HodgeyPodgey!

🏆 P R I Z E S 🏆

Gift cards from RBG:

~1st - $50

~2nd - $25

~3rd - $10

Beer Swag from our sponsor White Street Brewery!

Perfect Rounds! 🍻 Get all 10 Questions & Bonus Question correct, then a perfect round of beer will be awarded to you!

A Gift Card from Yours Truly for the Team w/ the most #PointsforEnthusiasm! 😎

#PointsforEnthusiasm ✌🏻

+5 if you share this event prior to Wednesday

+3 if you check-in to event

+5 if you bring your own pen

+1/team member (limit 5/team)

+2 for creative/inventive team names (trendy, topical, funny, roasty, etc.)

+1 if you follow RBG, White Street Brewing and myself on FB or Instagram (I leave little gems of questions everywhere. You're welcome!)

+1 for Pretty Paper Doodles (1/team/round)

🚫 R U L E S 🚫

Doubledown Hodgeypodgey is a chance to make a comeback if you blew it on the first 2 rounds. You can doubledown on all of the answers in this round, EXCEPT THE BONUS! If you double the bonus, you're deducted double the points. To indicate you want to doubledown, put a "D" next to your answer. If your answer is correct, naturally you'll be awarded double the points. If your answer is incorrect, you'll be deducted double the points. If you do not put a "D" next to your answer and it's partially correct, then you'll receive partial credit.

f I catch you cheating, I will call you out! You will disqualify your team from the round and eliminate any chance of winning 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place prizes.

No phones during rounds. If there is a question up, please keep your phone off. If you must keep your phone on, lmk and we'll work it out.

Just like your math teacher always said, write legibly so I can read your work. If I can't read it, it will be marked incorrect.

Question about a question? Let me know between questions or rounds."

Jen Leshney

Raleigh Beer Garden

614 Glenwood Ave

Raleigh, NC 27603

  • Wednesday, 24 April

    8:00 PM

  • Wednesday, 1 May

    8:00 PM

  • Wednesday, 8 May

    8:00 PM

  • Wednesday, 15 May

    8:00 PM

  • Wednesday, 22 May

    8:00 PM

  • Wednesday, 29 May

    8:00 PM