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Boxcar Bar + Arcade (Durham) presents

Pinball "Knockout" Tournament

"Join us for a monthly "knockout" challenge, hosted by Triangle Pinball Players, held on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 7pm!

It's free to play and there is no need to be part of any official league to compete, just show up by 6:45pm on the 3rd Wednesday of the month to sign up and compete.

The format will be group knockout: Players will play in groups of 3 or 4 people per machine. In a four-player game, the players with the lowest and next to lowest score (3rd and 4th place) will receive a "strike." In a three-player game, the player with the lowest score (3rd place) will receive a strike. Three strikes and you are eliminated from the tournament. The tournament will resume until there is only one player without three strikes! The cost of the entry is FREE and prizes and IFPA points will be awarded! MatchPlay software and Swiss-style pairing will be used for the tournament.

For those players who wish to be given a state and national ranking through the International Flipper Pinball Association, a $1 rating fee will be assessed."

Boxcar Bar + Arcade

Boxcar Bar + Arcade (Durham)

621 Foster St

Durham, NC 27701

  • Wednesday, 1 May

    7:00 PM

  • Wednesday, 8 May

    7:00 PM

  • Wednesday, 15 May

    7:00 PM

  • Wednesday, 22 May

    7:00 PM

  • Wednesday, 29 May

    7:00 PM