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Fullsteam Brewery presents

Thursday Trivia at Fullsteam

Photo Credit: barnwilliams

Everyone's an expert at something, at least that's Fullsteam's model with weekly Celebrity Trivia. Featuring several unpredictable rounds that cover topics from marsupials and presidents to the 60s and musical show tunes, Celebrity Trivia also occasionally culminates in a round led by an actual local celebrity that asks questions in his or her topic of expertise. Teams get to pick their own ridiculous names and compete for prizes. Make sure you think up a clever name--it bodes well for trivia success.

This is the perfect opportunity to check out Fullsteam! These plow-to-pint brews are tasty as they are creative and are sure to fuel your noggin' while you try to win trivia.

Fullsteam Brewery

726 Rigsbee Ave

Durham, NC 27701

  • Thursday, 25 April

    9:00 PM

  • Thursday, 2 May

    9:00 PM

  • Thursday, 9 May

    9:00 PM

  • Thursday, 16 May

    9:00 PM

  • Thursday, 23 May

    9:00 PM

  • Thursday, 30 May

    9:00 PM