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Bull McCabes Irish Pub presents

Compete in Bull McCabes' Trivia

Photo Credit: mkreider8

Since the Research Triangle area is one of the most educated metros in the country, it's no surprise that there's trivia everywhere you go. Just remember, you're competing against some of the best, especially when you're close to the brain magnet of Duke.

Every Wednesday at 9:00 in the newly renovated Bull McCabes Irish Pub, teams of 2 to 6 players compete in a 3 round trivia contest, with the second round reserved for a special topic that is announced ahead of time so you can study up. The prize? Win $50 or $25 towards your tab as well as various free gag gifts. Want a bonus? Compete for the best team name with a reasonable-yet-vulgar double entendre and win a free pitcher of beer for your team. This is the perfect night to make friends with your co-worker who still plays Magic: The Gathering or listens to NPR religiously. The place is usually packed and getting a booth is imperative, so we recommend getting there early for a few warm up drinks or a meal.

About Bull McCabes Irish Pub:

With the opening of their new covered patio that hints at further expansion into the neighboring courtyard, Bull McCabes is making a serious push to be considered the best bar in Durham. The interior sports an old-world decor that might remind you of your grandfather's study blended with accents from an old church. You'll find high-backed wooden booths and shelves flush with leather-bound books, a mainly craft beer tap selection, well-poured cocktails, and tons of outdoor, picnic-table-style seating. The wood-accented bar is lined with multiple TV's that strike a nice balance between appeasing the sports fan while not giving off a "sports bar" vibe. The crowd tends to be young-to-middle-aged professional with a few of the more mature Duke students in the mix.

Bull McCabes Irish Pub

427 W Main St

Durham, NC 27701

  • Wednesday, 20 March

    8:30 PM

  • Wednesday, 27 March

    8:30 PM

  • Wednesday, 3 April

    8:30 PM

  • Wednesday, 10 April

    8:30 PM

  • Wednesday, 17 April

    8:30 PM

  • Wednesday, 24 April

    8:30 PM

  • Wednesday, 1 May

    8:30 PM