Artspace presents

Debbie Quick: PNC Pop In Artist Residency

    Artspace welcomes PNC Pop In Artist in Residence Debbie Quick who will work in the Upfront Gallery and Lobby during her residency. Debbie Quick will examine and expose traumatic identity-formation heightened by misinformation. Using beaded drawings and figurative sculptures, this work explores early childhood archetype storytelling. Doll-sized figures will cast out drawings made from seed beads from their hands.


    201 E. Davie St.

    Raleigh, NC 27601

    • Tuesday, 19 June

      11:00 AM

    • Wednesday, 20 June

      11:00 AM

    • Thursday, 21 June

      11:00 AM

    • Friday, 22 June

      11:00 AM

    • Saturday, 23 June

      11:00 AM