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Durham Arts Council presents

Weave It Wild Workshops! Introduction to Weaving on Looms of All Sizes... Rigid Heddle Backstrap

  • $27

Interested in weaving but don't know where to start? Come downtown to learn about fiber, knots and weaving on a loom made from household materials. Rigid heddle looms have been used for centuries to introduce weaving concepts and loom operation. In each workshop, we will discuss appropriate weaving yarns and how to set up a loom. Then we will explore the interplay of color and texture by weaving in colorful yarn scraps, natural fibers and unusual materials! Each workshop is devoted to transforming your weaving sample into the featured small craft. All yarn, tools and materials provided. Jan will introduce the similarities of weaving on her traditional 4-harness floor loom, answer your weaving questions, and present other project ideas to convert your yarn stash into gifts and other small usable objects of joy! A $5 loom materials fee is due to Jan for the first workshop ever taken for the loom. If you have taken Jan's class before, don't forget to bring your loom! Jan French, Instructor. Woven Needlebook Sampler: Learn about weaving patterns you can make on small and large looms as you weave a colorful sampler. Materials provided to make a needlebook. Great gift for a stitcher!

Durham Arts Council

120 Morris Street

Durham, NC 27701

  • Sunday, 18 November

    1:30 PM