Benelux Coffee presents

Sweat It Out at Benelux's Weekly Bike Ride

Photo Credit: beneluxcoffee

For the social cyclist, Benelux Cycling Club is the perfect weekly event to join in on. Plus, with four different routes that switch up every week, getting bored of your normal bike routine is a thing of the past. Beginners and advanced cyclists will both feel at home in this club--more relaxed peddlers fear not! A cyclist leader will always stay with you so no one is left behind or lost. After you've worked up a sweat, the crew at Benelux will reward you with an ice cold beer, usually around the price of $2 a piece, because hey, you earned it!

Benelux Coffee

402 Oberlin Road

Raleigh, NC 27605

  • Tuesday, 3 July

    6:30 PM

  • Tuesday, 10 July

    6:30 PM

  • Tuesday, 17 July

    6:30 PM

  • Tuesday, 24 July

    6:30 PM

  • Tuesday, 31 July

    6:30 PM