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The Durham Farmers' Market presents

Shop Local at the Durham Farmers' Market

Photo Credit: durhamfarmersmarket

The Durham Farmers' Market is a community of farmers, growers and crafters. The 71 vendors that set up shop at the Durham Farmers' Market are committed to local--every item you see at the market was produced by the people selling it. By the way, local means that all the vendors come from no more than 70 miles away. You can enjoy asparagus, cookies, and necklaces (that's just the tip of the iceberg, so don't worry if you hate the aftereffects of asparagus) that were all made and sourced close to home. Buying from the Durham Farmers' Market means supporting sustainable farming and a healthy environment. The Durham Farmers' Market also offers free events like chili cook-offs, cooking demonstrations, concerts and more.

About The Durham Farmers' Market:

The Durham Farmers' Market started selling local goodness in 1998 with little more than a few vendors and crafters. As demand grew for sustainable goods, the Durham Farmers' Market expanded and moved to Central Park from their humble beginnings in the gravel parking lot of the Durham Bulls Stadium. In 2007, the pavilion was completed and popularity has continued to grow well into the market's third decade.

The Durham Farmers' Market

501 Foster Street

Durham, NC 27702

  • Saturday, 22 September

    8:00 AM

  • Wednesday, 26 September

    3:00 PM

  • Saturday, 29 September

    8:00 AM

  • Wednesday, 3 October

    3:00 PM

  • Saturday, 6 October

    8:00 AM

  • Wednesday, 10 October

    3:00 PM